Optima and COVID-19

By Peder Peterson

Optima is a critical supplier to several device manufacturers in the current Corona crisis and we operate at full capacity.

We have taken all recommended precautions for the safety of our staff to reduce risks of spreading the virus by working as much from home as possible, keeping our social distance, enforcing a non-visitor policy, daily cleaning and spraying of all areas. Most important of all we have a close dialogue within the staff to support each other and improve our awareness.

Plan ahead

Many of our customers have chosen to plan ahead and place their 2020 orders with us earlier so that we can produce for them and keep goods in stock for quick delivery when needed. We maintain a close dialogue with weekly updates.

You can count on that we will do our utmost to keep our production open, but we can not foresee government regulations or transportation difficulties, nor if the pandemic will intensify.

The global raw-material situation is outside our control. There are no critical limitations right now, and we secure as much raw-material as possible, but we do not know if access to raw-material will change and we strongly recommend all our customers to look over the needs for 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact me at peder@optima.se.

In these troubled times we wish you a peaceful Easter weekend.

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